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Top Ways of Identifying Great Startup Ideas

great startup ideas

Top Ways of Identifying Great Startup Ideas A startup requires that you consider a lot of factors so that you can be assured some level of success from the very start. A lot of people often get confused when it comes to finding…


Startups – Taking Advantages of Accelerators(Startup Accelerators)

startup accelerators

  Starting a business is definitely challenging, especially in the dynamic and challenging economic environment that we live in. However, there are plenty of tremendously beneficial opportunities that you can take advantage of startup accelerators. Unlike before, you can now have access to…


Technological startups to set benchmarks!


Taking all start-ups on a serious note now we have huge technological advancement in the scope of industry. Having said that we are now in an era of hands-free job techniques. One such innovation has been recently revealed by a start-up! From creating…


Twitter Ventures into AR/VR; Acquires IXOMOXI and Hires Its CEO


The wonders of technology never fail to amaze us. Among these are two terms you might have heard of, AR and VR. Now, the tech savvy will explain to you that Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two sides of the…


Raghuram Rajan, Leader of the Technological Revolution of the Banking Sector


Raghuram Rajan will soon step down as the 23rd RBI Governor. During the three years of his term, he has introduced and implemented major reforms in the banking sector. From converting the Reserve Bank of India into an inflation targeting central bank to…